The FUN facilitator is one who uses the five I’s effectively. They introduce the subject, involve the learners and make the learning interactive. The instruction is active and a variety of tools are used to intensify retention.

There are at least three variables to consider when using 5 I’s:

  • Learner profiles
  • Content types, and
  • Approach issues

FUN facilitators need to make a sustained effort to identify learner profiles. To induct them into the learning process, we need to know their needs, preoccupations, agendas and requirements. Such knowledge helps us make the learning process active. The content types must be carefully studied before we decide how to approach, instructing the learners i.e. a choice of FUN tools is made. Depending on the content, we have to mix and match the FUN tools.

The FUN facilitator does not use FUN as a stand-alone activity. A canned joke or an icebreaker may get you the laughs. It is quite unlikely that a facilitator can sustain a worthwhile learning experience with such a feeble attempt. FUN facilitators use FUN as systems tools on the content network. FUN drives the learning just as the systems tools drives the network. A training environment becomes learner-oriented and enjoyable throughout the day, from the learner’s perspective.

The use of 5 I’s by FUN facilitators encourages comprehension, retention and application by learners. The goal is to make sure that learning is meaningful and relevant.

Content taken from A Magic Of Making Training Fun !! by R.Palan