About Ms. Gautami Tadimalla

Gautami Tadimalla, an engineering student who happened into the world of cinema and found her passion. It has been almost thirty years since she made her debut and they have been thirty amazing roller coaster years.

Gautami has appeared in leading roles in over 120 films in 5 languages and has won numerous prestigious awards for her work as well. She has worked behind the camera as a technician for almost 10 years. This period allowed her to gain experience in some of the other technical departments of filmmaking, such as costume and set design. She simultaneously forayed into the arena of television content as a producer, actor, and television show host on various leading television channels.

Having a personality defined by an unwillingness to accept imposed limitations, Gautami is always looking for opportunities to challenge herself. In this vein, she is presently hosting an eponymous radio show daily on one of India’s largest and leading media conglomerates, Radio City, 91.1. It is proving to be a completely new experience that is demanding and rewarding in equal measure and has enabled her to reach out to a wider demographic of audiences in a far more meaningful and impactful manner.

Gautami was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 35 years old and it has proven to be a pivotal point in her life. Having passed through the stages of treatment, it was during the recuperative period that she began to analyze the true impact of what she had just been through. The Life Again Foundation was born out of this reflective endeavor, of a determination not only to find the value in this experience but also to pass that evaluation on to others struggling with similar challenges in life. Raising awareness of cancer – prevention, early detection, and treatment – and providing support to cancer patients as well as their caregivers have been her primary focus for the past 10 years. The Life Again Foundation serves as a platform for aggregating and concentrating both individual effort and collaboration with other NGOs and organizations to integrate resources and optimize benefits for recipients. Cancer care is an area of special focus due to Gautami’s personal experience with it, but ultimately the larger goal of the Life Again Foundation is to empower people to live a full and healthy life, and to make available the essential building blocks for such a life: an effective education, good health, and safe food.

A country like India, with its extremely diverse, expansive population and limited resources, faces unique challenges, particularly in ensuring that uniform access to standardized and modern education is stably established and maintained with public and private support. This is a challenge that has created a vast discrepancy between educational resources available to children and adults in differing socioeconomic classes, especially those living out of the urban ambit. Defending every child’s right to equal and optimal education, the Life Again Foundation is engaged in defining and implementing an integrated and effective module of learning to empower and prepare a child to achieve their goals in life. As is their right. In order to craft the holistic, comprehensive, and multifaceted solution our children need, the varied and cohesive skills and resources of dedicated and diverse members of society are crucial.

A mother, actor, film, activist – she finds still so much to be done and inspiration in the many people willing to give of themselves to help their fellow human beings. It is the responsibility of every individual to give of themselves to make the world a better place. This compassion and fervor has always worked and will continue to keep us, as a human race, moving ahead towards a vision of a socially just and empowered world.

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