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DEEP WORK in a distracted world

A few years ago, former CEO of Citibank Malaysia, Sanjeev Nanavathy told me about the importance of DEEP WORK. As an accomplished coach, he emphasised for the need to develop the ability to focus without distraction on a task that is cognitively demanding. He probably mentioned it as he noticed me flipping on to my

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Thoughts on two great leaders

Who Will Measure up to These Two Remarkable Leaders? James L. Heskett is UPS Foundation Professor of Business Logistics, Emeritus at the Graduate School of Business Administration, Harvard University asks a simple question in a Harvard Business article; in a month when the world lost two great American company leaders: John Bogle of Vanguard Group and

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Hit Refresh – Culture

It is past midnight and I am busy finishing reading the key chapters from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s Hit Refresh autobiography. Unsure if it is my inability to sleep or the long workday that is keeping me awake. With a decision to get off social media effective Jan 1st of this year, my writing is restricted to my

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