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SMR’s PAGE Framework

SMR’s PAGE Framework A recent engagement with a public service agency in Brunei focussed on developing a Competency Framework. While the task force team entrusted with the project had an international exposure, the team desired to adapt the best practice models to the local cultural context. The role of the SMR team was to strengthen

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How to increase job satisfaction

How to increase job satisfaction What is job satisfaction? The term job satisfaction, also known as employee satisfaction, is used in organizations to understand the state of an employee’s happiness or unhappiness in their job. Nadi (1997) defined job satisfaction as composed of the reaction, attitude, or perception of an individual to work. Managers may ask questions

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How to perform optimal competency management

When we talk about competencies in a business setting we are talking about the attributes and abilities necessary for a job, or task, to be completed to a high standard. When it comes to competency management though, there is a little more involved. This article will run you through: what competencies are in a business

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