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Why You Should Create a “Shadow Board” of Younger Employees

SUMMARY Shadow boards can help companies with two pressing issues: Millennial workers’ dis-engagement and executive teams’ inability to keep up with changing market conditions. They can help with business model reinvention, cultural transformation, and process redesign. Best practices include not leaving these programs up to HR and not limiting them to previously identified “high potentials.”

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How To Create A Positive Work Environment

When it comes to managing your employees, one of the most important things you can do for them involves setting the right tone at work.  We’ve all heard some of the horror stories about terrible jobs or bad managers, and the one thing each of these stories has in common was the negative workplace environment.

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HR and IT Collaboration Drives Positive Employee Experiences

HR is largely seen as the driving force behind creating a positive employee experience, but in some ways, HR teams are merely the faces and voices of the organizations to new hires. In many cases, particularly in the era of remote work and COVID-19, they can’t be seen or heard or without technology. The pandemic

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