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A Guide to Building an Effective HR Department

Setting up a HR department from scratch is a necessary step for all businesses as it helps organisations formulate policies and strategies that boost employee performance and ensure compliance with the law. Reasons to Invest in an HR Department Most organisations have a HR department, yet few understand that the duties of human resource professionals

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16 Ways to Manage Stress at Work

As you can see, job stress is detrimental to your career and overall quality of life. Here are some tips to help you deal with stress at work: 1. Address conflict without adding to it Conflicts are going to happen at any job – whether it’s between coworkers or managers, it’s inevitable. What you do

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The Importance Of Mental Health Wellbeing in the Workplace

According to the latest figures from MIND, the mental health charity for England and Wales, one in four people in the UK will experience a mental health issue each year. Mental Health America’s most recent report revealed the figures for the USA are one in five adults having issues, equating to more than 40 million

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