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3 Ways To Have Better Work/Life Balance In 2022

Are you ready to take control of your work/life balance in 2022? I ask because, despite the dramatic rise in working from home during the pandemic, many employees and self-employed people report feeling more stressed than ever. Workplace consultant Lindsay Pollak writes that she’s “hearing from employees and leaders at all levels across all industries

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Six Ways Leaders Can Adapt to the Workplace of 2022

For most companies and managers, responding effectively to the impact of COVID-19 was still the biggest challenge of 2021. Navigating the supply chain crisis, bringing workers back to physical offices safely, and hiring and retaining employees in the midst of the Great Resignation were just a few of the topics our readers found important throughout the year.

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HR in 2022: 7 key trends that will affect employee experience

People analytics will play an important role in buy-ins for HR policies. At the same time, managers will need to be hired, trained, and promoted with the mindset that they do not need to know all the answers. An HR leader HRO interviewed in 2020 once said: “It’s an understatement to say that COVID-19 caught us off guard. In

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