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What Is Sleep Deprivation Costing Your Company?

Your employees are tired and it’s costing you money. Sleep deprivation is a big problem in the world but there are things your company can do to help improve your employee’s lives so they can feel more rested and relaxed. Sleep deprivation can occur because of a few different things including, but not limited to, stress

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Don’t have a COVID-19 vaccine strategy? It’s time to make one.

After nearly a year of living in a pandemic world, there’s finally some good news on the COVID-19 front: vaccines that give us a glimpse of a return to normalcy. But, of course, like everything surrounding COVID-19, it’s not easy: The rollout has been rocky at best, and scepticism and hesitation surround the vaccines. Another complication: Organizations, key

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Why You Should Create a “Shadow Board” of Younger Employees

SUMMARY Shadow boards can help companies with two pressing issues: Millennial workers’ dis-engagement and executive teams’ inability to keep up with changing market conditions. They can help with business model reinvention, cultural transformation, and process redesign. Best practices include not leaving these programs up to HR and not limiting them to previously identified “high potentials.”

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