1Workshop on Effective Communication 1 DayOnline700.00SMR Team29 Jan
2Certificate in Emotional Intelligence1 DayOnline700.00SMR Team19 Feb
3Foundation Diploma in Human Resource Practice (FDHRP)16 DaysF2F18,000.00SMR Team20 Feb 2021
Commencement of FDHRP B40 Cab
Completion in May 2021
4Workshop on Competency-Based Interview2 DaysOnline1,400.00SMR Team23 - 24 Feb
5Workshop on Workplace Coaching & Mentoring - (ILM UK) 1 DayOnline2,500.00SMR Team25 - 26 Feb
6Workshop on Managing Virtual Trams: Communication, Collaboration for Effective Work1 DayOnline700.00SMR Team3 March
7Accredited Competency Professional (ACP) ILM UK5 DaysF2F6,500.00SMR Team8 – 12 March
8Creating Passion at Work: Sales ILM UK2 DaysF2F2,600.00SMR Team10 -11 March
9Personal Effectiveness and productivity2 DaysOnline1,400 SMR Team10 -11 March
10Workshop on Competency-Based Interview2 DaysF2F2,500.00SMR Team17 – 18 March
11Workshop on Competency Based Training Needs Analysis (CBTNA)2 DaysOnline1,400 SMR Team23 - 24 March
12Executive Certificate in Competency Professional ECCP)2 DaysOnline1,400 SMR Team25 - 26 March
13Workshop on Research writing and Journal Publications2 DaysF2F2,600.00SMR Team30 – 31March