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DEEP WORK in a distracted world

A few years ago, former CEO of Citibank Malaysia, Sanjeev Nanavathy told me about the importance of DEEP WORK. As an accomplished coach, he emphasised for the need to develop the ability to focus without distraction on a task that is cognitively demanding. He probably mentioned it as he noticed me flipping on to my I phone every now and then to check my WhatsApp messages. On a trip to my alma mater, Federation University, Ballarat, Australia, I noticed several posters around the campus on the help available if one was addicted to the mobile phone or social media. Never understood the significance of those posters until a few days ago when I had a chance to read DEEP WORK.

Deep Work is defined as a skill that allows you to master complicated information and do a great job in less time. It provides a sense of fulfilment very much similar to craftmanship. This skill seems to have been lost in a world of emails, social media and WhatsApp messages. Professor Cal Newport, the author of DEEP WORK presents a rigorous training regimen, presented as a series of four “rules,” for transforming one’s mind and habits to support this skill. He articulates the need for DEEP WORK as opposed to shallow work. DEEP WORK is defined as an indispensable guide to anyone seeking focused success in a distracted world. Cal Newport outlines the DEEP WORK rules for focussed success in a digital world in his book.


Read more about his book on his website http://calnewport.com/books/deep-work/

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