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How Do You Create Collective Genius

Innovation is a much talked about word. Competitiveness to a great extent depends on our ability to innovate. One of the challenges facing by all managers is how do we take the company to the next level. How do we keep innovating again and again? The authors of the article Hill, Brandeau, Truelove and Lineback highlight that traditional and direction setting leadership can work well when the solution to a problem is straightforward. However, when the problem calls for a truly original response, no one can decide in advance what the response should be. The role of a leader of innovation is to create a community that is willing and able to innovate. The approach outlined by the authors includes creating communities that both have a sense of purpose and shared values and rules of engagement that are designed to encourage collaboration, discovery-driven learning, and integrative decision making. They articulate three organizational capabilities i.e. creative abrasion, creative agility, and creative resolution.

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