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How Feedback Can Improve Your Recruitment Strategy

Finding the right candidates is not easy, especially in a competitive job market. Attracting and retaining your future superstars is among the C-suite’s most significant concerns for organizational success and understandably so. Turnover is expensive and directly impacts your organization’s performance on many levels.

The direct costs of running ads and HR’s time vetting candidates add up and these numbers are at the low end of the cost spectrum. If your account for the indirect costs relating to the impact on morale, lost institutional knowledge, and stress on the rest of the team who have to pick up the slack, that can make the impact of turnover immense and difficult to measure.

Your recruitment strategy must target and attract the right candidates if you want to be successful. Hiring for cultural fit based on your core values as well as skills and experience is crucial. To help you ensure hiring and retention success, tap into your team for their insights and feedback to make sure you have radical team alignment and support. After all, your current teams are your ambassadors in the recruitment and onboarding process, and like building any team, you need your teams to gel!

Poor recruitment choices can alienate top talent and damage your organization’s reputation among future candidates, so the stakes are high. A bad hire or poor fit leads to wasted team time, energy and possibly even internal team conflict. Getting it right starts with getting your team’s feedback and buy-in, which can take an ordinary process to extraordinary success.

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