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Modern Learning Organisations

Quality content has always been a huge problem. An effective learning broker knows where to find the best content, understands learner needs and the cultures in which the learner operates and develops an infrastructure to get the content across to the learners on a just in time format. Whether we should buy the content or build the content is the million-dollar question. With technology and change dictating the pace in today’s context, we have to respond fast when our customer needs the content. Are we able to respond fast? Are we able to make content accessible to the learner when the learner needs it?

Google taught us that any search should never be more than a keyword away. Can we ensure the quality and credibility of the source of information? Can we minimize the confusion of ownership? With most learning becoming more informal rather than formal, the need for becoming a content broker is more important now. We can ensure this takes place by creating knowledge communities, creation of frequently asked questions, deployment of internet search tools and encouraging social learning.

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