High Impact Presentation Skills


Date Q3: 11 – 12 July 2023
Date Q4: 3 – 4 October 2023

Venue: UoC, Cyberjaya

Type of Training: Face-to-Face

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Mastering presentation skills can have a significant impact on achieving business goals. Having a superior product is never enough to guarantee business success. Especially in the noisy world, great ideas require great presenters to convey the message effectively to persuade people to grasp the idea. In business, executives and managers are often expected to present their message with confidence and clarity to staff, clients, partners, investors and sometimes the public.

According to Nancy Duarte, presentation has become the de facto business communication tool. Companies are started, products are launched, climate systems are saved—possibly based on the quality of presentations. Likewise, ideas, endeavors, and even careers can be cut short due to ineffective presentation. Out of the millions of presentations delivered each day, only a small percentage are delivered well.

Advanced Presentation Skills is developed to elevate participantsʼ skills of high-impact presentation so that participants would be able to deliver impactful message to the audience. This course will provide participants with a structured set of skills that will enable them to effectively communicate in the business environment and deliver results.

Certificate of Attendance from SMR HR Group

• Describe the principles of presentation and developing the first impression as a powerful presenter
• Develop an effective storyline that suits the key messages
• Design high-impact visual aids that stands out, interactive and engaging
• Deliver high-impact presentation and manipulate body language to create an impactful delivery

Executive and above

A combination of classroom instruction, self-reflection, management games simulation, figurative expression, video presentation, and group discussion. Individual / group presentation.


Module 1: The Presentation Fundamentals
• Purpose of Presentation
• Establishing Mindset for the Presentation
• 3 Elements of Presentation
• Human Mind and Perception

Module 2: Develop a Powerful Storyline
• Defining the Message of the Presentation
• Storytelling Techniques
• 4-Types of Presentation Storylines
• Developing Solutions Framework

Module 3: Designing a High-Impact Visual Aids
• Visual Aids Design Principles
• Communicating With Colors
• Using Images to Tell Stories
• Simplifying the Data

Module 4: High Impact Delivery Techniques
• Confidence Building Techniques
• Using Rhetorical Questions
• Using Posture to Enhance Communication
• Emotions in Presentation

Module 5: Practice Your Presentation
• Rehearse Your Presentation
• Practical Presentation
• Feedback on Your Presentation


2 Days

9.00 am – 5.00 pm


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Ms. Karen Ong
Mr. Sim Bock San


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