Organisational Development Professional, ILM UK


Date: 20 – 22 June 2023

Mode of Delivery: Remote Online Learning

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In today’s dynamic business landscape where we need to achieve more with less, every organization is looking for ways to increase employees’ productivity and contribution to stay competitive. Consistent performance from every employee is key to successfully outperform the competition. Equally important is aligning employee’s performance with the business strategies of the organization.

Performance management is an effective tool that drives organizational success by ensuring that the efforts of employees are aligned with the organization’s critical success factors and strategic priorities.


1. Completion Certificate from Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM), UK
2. Certificate of Attendance from SMR HR Group


Upon completion of this program. participants should be able to:
• Determine job-specific KRAs and KPls which are aligned with their department/organization goals and vision.
• Apply techniques and tools to track and monitor performance.
• Provide feedback that is specific, balanced and timely to drive peak performance.
• Coach others for success or to improve performance.
• Confidently apply effective interaction skills to conduct and manage crucial performance conversations.



• Senior Leaders
• Head of Departments.
• Managers.
• Supervisors.
• Line Leaders and all employees



• Best-in-class Concepts and Approaches Sharing
• Job-Based Exercises
• Job Specific Skill Practice/Role Plays
• Individual/Group Presentations
• Group Debriefs & Feedback
• Post-workshop applications



At the end of the program, participants will be able to
• Gain a more holistic understanding of the Performance Management cycle.
• Appreciate the benefits of Performance Management to employees, leaders and the organization.
• Recognize the importance of KRAs/KPI alignment with the organization’s Vision, Mission and Critical Success Factors.
• Understand the Balanced Scorecard approach in driving peak performance.
• Apply useful guidelines and use them as criteria to identify and align individual KRAs and KPls.
• Understand the purpose & importance of performance coaching in the performance cycle.
• Acquire best-in-class techniques, approaches, skills, and tools in coaching others to achieve the desired business results.
• Provide specific and accurate feedback to reinforce employees’ positive performance as well as to identify and agree on areas for improvement & development.
• Learn ways to handle difficult and challenging situations that may happen during performance discussions.



• Benefits of Performance Management
• Performance Management – Overview
• The Balanced Scorecard
• Understanding Key Result Areas (KRAs)
• Understanding Key Performance. Indicators (KPls)
• Identifying SMART KPIs
• Performance Management & Coaching
• Types of Coaching:
• Coaching Approaches & Models
• Feedback for Peak Performance
• Coaching for Success Skill Practice
• Coaching for Improvement Skill Practice


3 Days

9.00 am – 5.00 pm


HRDF Approved Trainers


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