Personal Effectiveness and Productivity


Date Q1: 28 – 29 March 2023

Date Q2: 24 – 25 May 2023 

Type of Training: Remote Online Learning

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In the current workplace context of time pressure and constant change, most people feel that they could benefit from improving their effectiveness through managing time and priorities. Most people live with the feeling that they do not have enough time and that they are unable to get on top of their workload. However, by learning to manage your time better, your workload will feel lighter and your job will feel less stressful.

This two day training course will help you to identify the common behaviours that prevent you from managing your time effectively and teach you the right tools to increase your productivity without working longer hours. Achieve higher personal effectiveness.

Certificate of Attendance from SMR HR Group

• Recognise behaviors, emotions and energy when performing task
• Get an insight into issues that can both hinder or assist personal effectiveness and productivity
• Explore methods and technology in managing task effectively
• Apply different leadership styles to handle conflict effectively
• Identify and evaluate priorities in both work and outside of work
• Become familiar with tools and strategies to increase time management effectiveness

Short lectures, group discussions on practical tool and techniques to improve work style for better results.

• Mid Level Management Staff
• Executives/Team Leaders/Supervisors


• EQi Model
• David Allan’s GTD Model
• Thomas – Kilmann Conflict Mode
• 4DEx



Topic 1:
EQ for Self Awareness
• EQ – IQ
• Effective and Ineffective Leader
• JOHARI Window
• EQ Model
− Self Perception
− Self Expression
− Interpersonal Relationship
− Decision Making
− Stress Management

Topic 2:
Effective Communication
• Questioning and Listening Skills
• Thomas – Kilmann Conflict Management Instrument
• Conflict Management Style

Topic 3:
Managing Productivity
• Getting Things Done ( GTD ) David Allan’s model
• Managing Time /Prioritisation
• Technology
• The 4 Discipline of Execution
• Habits of Highly Effective People


2 Days

9.00 am – 5.00 pm


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Prof. A. Subra
Mr. Samsudin Abdul Rahman
Mr. Letchumanan Subramaniam


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