Strategic Talent Management Professional


Date 1: 3- 5 July 2023
Date 2: 18-20 September 2023

Mode of Delivery: Face to Face

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Strategic Talent Management is an integrated organizational HR processes designed to attain, maintain and retain talents in an organization.

Those who build great organizations make sure they have the right people on the bus and the right people in the key seats to drive the bus forward. The main aim of Strategic Talent Management is to enable the organization to achieve its strategic objectives. The role of HR has shifted from operational HR to strategic HR.

Key elements of Strategic Talent Management include Talent Acquisition, Onboarding, Performance Management, Employee Engagement, Talent Development, Talent Retention, Reward & Recognition, Succession Planning and Career Planning.

Certificate of Attendance from SMR HR Group

• Describe the important components of Strategic Talent Management framework
• Explain benefits of Strategic Talent Management
• Identify the critical processes of Talent Management
• Design Talent Management strategies
• Implement Talent Management processes
• Measuring the effectiveness of Talent Management


Learning & Development and Human Resource Managers, Team Leaders, Executives. Those who are involved in Talent Management tactical execution


Learning will take place though small group activities, discussions, and experiential learning

• 9 Box Talent Assessment
• Balanced Scorecard
• Y Career Ladder
• ADDIE Cycle


Module 1: Strategic Talent Management Framework
• Overview of Strategic Talent Management
• Understanding Integrated Talent Management
• Importance of Strategic Talent Management
• The framework of Strategic Talent Management

Module 2: Talent Acquisition
• Designing the Talent Acquisition process
• Innovative sourcing techniques
• Improving the quality of the hiring process
• Enhancing the brand image

Module 3: Onboarding & Orientation Process
• The positive impact of Onboarding & Orientation program on new joiners
• Creating the first impression and employee experience
• Various creative techniques to Onboard new joiners
• Getting them started right with a great Orientation program

Module 4: Talent Performance Management
• Understand Performance Management cycle
• Applying appropriate Performance Management System
• Writing effective KPIs using the Balanced Scorecard
• Follow through and coaching conversations
• Implementing appraisal and performance calibration process

Module 5: Talent Development
• Evaluate employees’ performance and potential using the 9 box technique
• Designing effective Learning & Development framework
• Implementing Learning & Development need analysis
• Develop innovative strategies for learning interventions
• Evaluate the effectiveness of Talent Development initiatives

Module 6: Talent Retention Strategies
• Importance of retaining top talents
• Innovative and creative Employee Engagement initiatives
• Applying effective Career Planning system
• Innovative strategies to retain top talents

Module 7: Reward & Recognition in Talent Management
• Important of Reward & Recognition in Talent Management
• Reward & Recognition framework
• Reward and Recognition strategy
• Design, develop and implement Reward & Recognition process

Module 8: Succession Planning Process
• Importance of succession planning process
• Succession planning framework
• Key aspects of an effective Succession Planning and implementation
• Identifying and managing high potentials
• Implementing an effective leadership development program


3 Days

9.00 am – 5.00 pm


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Mr. Letchumanan Subramaniam
Prof. A. Subra
Mr. Samsudin Abdul Rahman

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