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SMR’s PAGE Framework

SMR’s PAGE Framework

A recent engagement with a public service agency in Brunei focussed on developing a Competency Framework. While the task force team entrusted with the project had an international exposure, the team desired to adapt the best practice models to the local cultural context. The role of the SMR team was to strengthen the understanding of competency frameworks, align the key stakeholders thinking and ensure its relevance to the Bruneian context. This was a requirement to get stakeholder buy in.

The SMR framework while simple is a robust one, designed to communicate the Competency framework message to practitioners in an easy to understand and implement manner.

SMR’s PAGE Framework

SMR’s PAGE Framework; ( 4 P’s – Position, Person, Programme , Performance , Assessment, Gap and Evaluation ) focusses on three critical areas when planning and implementing competency frameworks.

1. The Position competency profile during the competency mapping process

2. Determining ‘person’ or job holder current competency levels against required position competency profilesthrough assessments

3. Identifying the interventions such On the Job Training, Coaching or formal classroom sessions to close the competency gaps and validating it through an evaluation process.

A review of performance literature identifies competencies both threshold and behavioural are enablers for effective performance. The need for a well thought out holistic and clear competency implementation process is a must for any organisation desiring to achieve high performance.

SMR’s robust PAGE Framework is a well-tested Competency Implementation framework.

Download our eBook on ‘Competency Management: a practitioner’s guide’ to learn more on our approach. Look out for our upcoming workshops.