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The power of purpose driven talent

In a time where the rising generation is becoming more conscious of the socio-economic, political and environmental changes surrounding it, and with the ease of access to a wealth of information, forming a purpose-driven mindset is a given. Millennials formulate this mindset because they want to make a difference, they want to innovate to improve society, or even to contribute to the development of their country or just serve humanity.

We are living in the zeitgeist of conscious purpose.

This purpose-driven mindset aligns with the millennials’ lifestyle, how they live, what they buy and where they want to work. So they carefully evaluate businesses, looking for those whose purpose aligns with their ideals, beliefs, and values. Looking for tangible impact, questioning the sustainability of a company and how it impacts the world.

Your purpose inspires the world by showing that you are capable of delivering happiness to your community and your employees in a sustainable way. Companies should be strategically smart enough to deliver the reason behind their existence. They have to deliver and act upon the message of “Why they do what they do”, to be distinctive, and catapult to the success of finding the right talent.

This journey of seeking answers for the right purpose or cause should be a mutual thing between both the job seeker and the talent seeker!

Talent acquisition specialists should be hiring talent based on their purpose and based on whether their purpose aligns with the business purpose or not. Of course, they should have the right skill set as well. Human resources shouldn’t only hire passive candidates with a basic skill set and no right purpose. Just because they used some applicant-tracking software where the resume was compared to the job requirements of the vacancy and it had some similar keywords in it.

This wrong hiring mindset will result in trimming the right talent!

Article by,
Paramdeep Singh Anand

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