Tips On Fun Training

People only learn when they process the experience

Professor Thiagi remarks that it is of no use when we give people the experience but do not let them process it. They learn when they process the experience in small groups. Help the learner learn from the experience by investing enough time on processing the experience.

Learning versus Teaching

Winston Churchill said “I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught” This is true for most of us.

Adults are babies with big bodies

Robert W. Pike, Founder of Creative Training Techniques, says that adults regress to child like behaviour when we create the environment for fun, an environment that is conducive for learning. Make the learning environment FUN!

Fill the learner, not the page

When we help people learn, we need to ensure we are helping the learner gain knowledge and skills.

Training people should be about the learning and not just providing the learner with loads of materials.

From the booklet A Magic Of Making Training Fun !! 50 Tips by R.Palan.

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